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Nice save, you guys.

Dracula keeps coming back.

Nice save, Belmonts.
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Hello and welcome to Nice Save, the community for Castlevania-related humor! I looked around and couldn't find one, and while the series is very serious, there are some things that are just so hilarious they're begging to be made fun of.

Keep in mind that this community is all in good fun. No hate fics, and no character bashing. Poking at characters is fine, poking at them because you really don't like them is fine, but try not to make it obvious (i.e "I hate Maria. So here's a fic where Maria is eaten by a large teapot! 8D!" instead of "I really don't like Maria, but here's something I thought was pretty funny").

Please keep potty humor to a minimum. We don't mind it every once in a while, but there are other forms of humor. Please keep variety going ^__^

Respect other members. This is kind of a given.

For now, the moderators are odangoatama and bloodmarionette. We may recruit others later depending on the community's growth and level of moderation needed.

Thanks for your time and enjoy the community~! *^^*

Ningyou + Aku